Listings for National

Anger over Larry Norman's call to eradicate rats.

Larry Norman outrages pet owners.

Labour ‘New look’ campaign keeps it real.

Helen Clark keeps her election campaign real.

Sinister energy drinks risk to our youth: Jim.

Jim Anderton's office sets sights of sinister energy drinks

Violent crime connected to changes in the weather.

Labour Police Minister links violent crime to the sun and moon. The Other News Investigates.

Speed limit reduced but “not revenue collecting”

40km is the new 50km, but is it just an attempt to collect revenue?

Recent NZ hijacking confirms even refugees want to move to Australia.

The flight from New Zealand to Australia goes to the desperate extreme.

‘Bring yer hot mum to school day’ an instant hit with students.

Hot mums do their bit for school fundraising.

Music CD release for pooches sends pet owners howling.

A novelty Christmas music CD audible only to dogs faces controversy following reports of subliminal content.