Labour ‘New look’ campaign keeps it real.

Friday July 4, 2008
Helen Clark keeps her election campaign real.
The new-look Labour campaign billboard.

Labour has sneakily launched its election campaign that promises to inject more glamour into the coming 2008 election.

Helen Clark said “ We were going for the ‘Trust us’ angle, however that Winston fella bolloxed that one up for us, so our overpriced PR company advised we go for a more down home approach, a smiley happy people kinda thing.” Photographer Arthur Tupeke of Balmoral 1hr Photo & Copy centre said “Sure we did a little airbrushing to whiten her teeth, but that’s about it. Everything else is several gallons of Thin Lizzy and good lighting. We think the results speak for themselves, and quite frankly, she’s looking rather tappable now.”

People on the street happen to agree with one man saying she looked remarkably similar to that 90’s movie star broad with the long legs and big juju lips. Clark denied this saying, “I’m quite flattered, but that’s just the new me, keeping it very real indeed.”

Helen Clark just moments before her dramatic makeover.