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Monday July 24, 2017

I am a busy man with some firm ideas.  Not everyone may like my ideas, but I tell it like it is.  I’m a straight talker alright and I have decided to take time away from my public service commitments such as being a regular NewsTalk ZB caller to write this column for The Other News.  Why The Other News?  Well as we all know, you can’t trust the yuppie, liberal media as far as you can throw them.  Most media publish fake news, yes, that is why I am writing for The Other News.

You see my dear readers, this is a very important time for our great nation of New Zilland, never has so much been at steak.  There is an election in 2 months so we need to choose which dirty politicians we want to represent us for the next 3 years (3 years is far too long in my informed opinion, I am a proponent of direct democracy, but that is for another column).  At this election, I implore all real New Zillanders to do their patriotic duty and maintain the kiwi way of life.

Yes, the kiwi way of life is under threat alright.  Now I’ve never been to Auckland and nor would I want to, but I’ve heard that you can’t turn your head without seeing an immigrant.  Well this is just not right.  What happens with these immigrants start to vote?  What happens with 70% of parliament is made up of immigrants?

These people do not understand us on very important issues.  They seldom wear jandles, some of them don’t even eat meat, and you tell me when was the last time you saw a Bangladeshi All Black?  I can’t imagine a Bangladeshi All Black, therefore it must not be possible.

We need to preserve what is great about New Zealand.  This is clearly the All Blacks, exporting no-value-added milk powder and beer.  So keep this in mind when you cast your vote.