Third Life to hit shelves next quarter.

Friday April 4, 2008
From the makers of Second Life, comes Third Life, for those who are missing their first.
A 'Second-Lifer' immersed in his game, with his character and his characters two hot girlfriends.

Gamers with no first life have something new to look forward to later this year as the makers of the hugely popular online game Second life release their new title, Third life. “It’s a total breakthrough in online gaming” said online games commentator and trading card collector Ernest Freeman. “In Second life, people get to assume a new identity and live their life in the virtual universe of the game, and they even get to do all the mundane things that normal people do every day, it’s very exciting!”

Third Life takes the unique concept further, allowing players to play a game within a game. “I will be able to walk over to my virtual computer in my virtual apartment and waste virtually hours on end playing the game on my virtual computer!” said Ernest. Third life promises to be every bit as realistic as Second life, and maybe a little more. “I can watch my Avatar [his game character] hunched over the computer scratching his nuts, and ordering takeout from the virtual Pizza Hutt. I can hardly wait!”

Designers of Third Life say some of the realities of a first life have been left out however. Characters do not put on weight, or live with their parents They also have nice clothes and girlfriends.