Sea creature caught off Taranaki Coast.

Tuesday January 1, 2008
Two fishermen discovered a new sea species, however have been fined due to being under size.
Bryce and Murray, two local fishing jokers.

Two fishermen found more than they bargained for when they caught an unknown sea creature off Dead Man’s Point yesterday. The men Bryce Withers and Murray Bougal say they were completely taken by surprise when they hauled in ‘a whopper’ while fishing in their 8ft dingy. “It took nearly 2 hours to haul that sucker in.” Withers said, “And only on a six pound line too.”

Unfortunately it is still unknown what species the sea creature was as it was confiscated by MAF that same afternoon. MAF spokesman Henry Boil says, “This is an incredible find, however the creature appeared young and undersized.”

Bryce and Murray’s fishing licenses and boat have since been confiscated.

The fishermen said they didn’t give a toss about the stupid sea monster as it was too big for their chilly bin and started to stink the boat out anyway. However they managed to keep the tail for their smoker saying, “It tasted a bit like Hapuka.”

Both men will be appearing in court on thursday.