Recent NZ hijacking confirms even refugees want to move to Australia.

Monday March 3, 2008
The flight from New Zealand to Australia goes to the desperate extreme.
Another unfortunate 'Brain Drain' statistic attempts to bail for Australia.

The recent attempted hijacking of a New Zealand passenger aircraft has raised new concerns that New Zealander’s are taking extreme measures to move to Australia. Henry Topie of Waitoki reports.

A 33 year old Somali woman was nicked today following a crazed attempt to hijack an aircraft somewhere in the South Island.
Thanks to the heroic actions of the pilot and a few passengers fast to get the boot in, a major air disaster has been avoided.
NZ Prime Minister Helen Clark today was quick to point out that the attempted hijacking was a one off occurrence, and probably won’t happen again.
Experts say this is yet another incident proving refugees and illegal aliens are just some of the 40,000 New Zealander’s taking extreme measures to move to sunny Australia. Clark says, “Sure they got attractive taxes, cheaper housing and job incentives. But we got scuba diving and VB too, and the only reason their building materials and food prices are cheaper is because we sell it to them for half the price.”

Expert Economist

“The reason for the Kiwi brain drain is due to Australia having a big Water Park and Movie World on the Gold Coast. The mass migration has nothing to do with government policy, economics or soaring interest rates.”

Winston Peters was fast to jump on the band wagon saying the government are too lenient on immigrants with a dodgy history, suspected terrorism and underworld gang links. “NZ is encouraging the problem by paying them squillions in legal fees and turning them into media celebrities.” He also told The Other News “This hijacker is just another example of crack pots allowed into this country, and I bloody well warned them I did. Factoid that.”
Clark said, “Maybe Peters had the dirt on that poor woman, but who listens to him anyway.”

Winston Peters says: “Nuh. I bloody told those buggers.”

The Farmer
The Southern farmer who once hired the woman said, “She was a problematic person to deal with, always complaining about the conditions, and called us racist’s just because we made her pull the plough.”
The Farmer has since been arrested and will be appearing in court this week on counts of employing an illegal worker, unacceptable working conditions, and unfair dismissal. His farm, Toyota Hilux and Monteith’s will be sold on Tuesday.