Chicks are hot again.

Tuesday January 1, 2008
New marketing study reveals that well-placed chicks sell more beer and burgers.
A hot chick with beer.

“Yes chicks are indeed hot again.” tells marketing expert Dan Van Shanki of DMBDBBTWBDYDA Advertising. “Whether it’s Beer, burgers or sports cars, people just can’t get enough of sexy toned girlies filmed in slow motion carrying beer crates and riding ponies. Yep, there's something about a nice lookin’ sheila on a pony.”

Woman's rights campaigner Judith Freskin says, “I thought we had evolved past this ‘female sex object’ thing in the mid 1990’s.” and that “It’s just wrong!” And “The government should stop this kind of nonsense before it’s too late.”

Advertisers say, “Well, guys like beer, fast cars and burgers. Even girls like attractive girls, and many guys like girls with girls too. As long as we sell our booze, thats all that matters.”

However views on the matter remain divided:

“The fact of the matter is, men are rather fond of hooties, and women equally prefer abs. Unfortunately more than often most married couples get to enjoy neither.”
Dr Henry. US

“Skinny girls are all bitches.”
Helen. NZ

Brick Layer
“Tits oot for the lads.”
Sidney. UK

Dancer / Model
“What was the question again?”
Shandee. Aust