‘Bring yer hot mum to school day’ an instant hit with students.

Saturday March 1, 2008
Hot mums do their bit for school fundraising.
Trinny and Susannah. Makeover experts transforming ordinary mums into sassy milkshakers.

A school in West Auckland has generated controversy this week leaving the Ministry of Education outraged. Dave and his mates report.

Pimpleton Primary School has been met by controversy after the school decided to introduce a new parent/student day as part of their annual fund raising event. School headmaster Mr Mervin Pervie said, “Well we hadn’t had much success the last few years trying to raise money for our new school changing shed. The father and son day was shaping up to be another fizzer as most fathers were either at the races or in court on Wednesdays. The cake stalls proved unsuccessful as many parents said their kitchens were being used for other forms of baking. And the sausage sizzle was canned after someone hocked the school BBQ on Trade Me. We then decided to come up with something totally new, and by golly we wish we had thought of it earlier!”

School spokesman Sherman Shonkley said they came up with the idea following the popularity of TV diet and makeover shows, dodgy websites and music videos responsible for raising the image of young modern mothers. It was agreed by the school teachers old boys club that, “Mums weren’t like they used to be when they were growing up, in their pink cardies, hair nets and clogs. Nowadays they let it all hang out with black lycra shorts, pierced belly buttons and pop up muffin tops.

Henry Turnpyle, woodwork teacher, told The Other News, “We had no idea the concept would take off so well. We had a record turn out of dads show up that day and we sold a whopping $1200 in raspberry slushies alone.” Plans are already underway for next years fund raiser with the proposed introduction of a few new competitions including water balloon fights, pin the tail on the woodwork teacher, and ‘the headmasters been a naughty boy’ to name a few. Pervie later chuckled saying, “Oh yes, I’m quite sure the new wheel barrow and sack races will give everyone plenty to talk about.”

Education Dept spokes person Ms Judith Brantley of Frantley said, “This is disgraceful and shouldn’t be allowed!

Dave and his mates told The Other News, “Probably just a sour old scone anyway.”