Angry father kills again after parole board allows early release.

Sunday May 4, 2008
TheOtherNews investigates
Cameron Frye (16) Shot dead. 1986

Ferris Bueller, video store clerk from Chicago, was shot today when his best friends father Ted Frye was paroled after 22 years for the murder of his son Cameron Frye in 1986, after discovering he and Bueller trashed his $600,000 Ferrari following a joy ride that went horribly wrong.
Ted Frye told TheOtherNews “Have you seen the price of those collector cars now days? When I found out what that thing was worth today, I just hit the roof!”
Frye told the court in 1986 that he had already made up his mind that when he would finally make parole he was going after that “good for nothing school drop-out Bueller kid. The Parole board knew about this and completely saw my point. If I get life this time, I don’t care, it’ll be worth it.!”

Ferris Bueller, (38) Shot dead. 2008.

The Ex Principal:
School principal Edmund Rooney said, “Yeah I recall that Ferris kid was always up to no good, a regular fast talking smart-ass rich kid. Kids in the 80’s had no respect for anything, and I blame that Eddie Murphy guy for all of it.” Rooney told TheOtherNews, “They were always goofing off at school, Ferris, Cameron and that ho bag Peterson girl with the big hair and crochet leg warmers. Making me look stupid every time. Well looks like those boys finally got their beans.”

The Ex Girlfriend:
Bueller’s girlfriend at the time, Sloane Peterson said, “They got it all wrong. Cameron was a sweet kid. He only wanted to be loved by a father who only had affection for his stupid car. It was Cameron’s desperate attempt to make a deep down connection. After he died, Ferris just went off the rails. Dropped out of school, got in with the wrong crowd, took up a mean meth habit. Now he’s gone too.”

Sloane Peterson (37). Good as dead. 2008.

The Angry Killer:
Save it missy, you’re next on my shit list!”

The Uptight Sister:
“Now Ferris is gone, can I have his room?”