Simon Bridges Sullen at Smooth Lockdown Exit Strategy.

Tuesday April 21, 2020
Simon Bridges had plenty to say about the government's lockdown exit plan, but he couldn't say any of it due to an unplanned outcome.
Simon Bridges uses his five minutes of relvance as leader of the opposition to oppose whatever the leader of the government proposes.

Simon Bridges today held a press conference to address what he thought was a poor job done by the Labour government in regards to the lockdown.

"Oi think the govmernment has sent muxed messages about thus lockdown. They heve mayd it dufficult for me as the opposition to use one of my prepared speeches criticising the govmernment’s response." He said at the lectern.

"Had they announced that they were leaving early, Oi could have commented on their hazardous decision putting ordinary New Zealanders at risk with a foolhardy errand. But they didn’t do that." Simon reflected. "However, they did not announce that they would exteend the lockdown for a large period of time either. This has left me unable to use my second speech, commenting on how they were taking the livelihoods of every day mums and dads in New Zealand who want to work to provide the their family"

Simon, visibly annoyed with the government went on "No, what they did - and it’s so typical for this govmernment - is to extend the lockdown by only two days, presumably to account for ANZAC day holiday makers, making any speech Oi make to make as much sense as this govmernment to me, and other right-thinking ordinary New Zealanders. But Oi had this time booked, and Oi was due to make this speech on how the govmernment has done so badly, so here Oi am."

"So my first point, is they have done badly with this middle ground, where is the moxie of this govmernment? Why have they not taken a stand one way or the other? I’ll tell you why. They say they stand for people’s safety but clearly they don’t because they didn’t extend the lockdown enough. They say they care about the economy but they have put all businesses at risk of failing because they prevented them from trading for a further four days!"

Asked if, given that two of those days was on the weekend and one a public holiday, he responded "Look, some businesses would be open on the weekend, sure, most of them are social venues that have to be shut anyway, but the point is that this extra day could be make or break for some business somewhere. And this govmernment has failed that business. Oi implore that business to show yourselves. Please..."

Asked if he thought that perhaps preventing holiday makers from travelling was behind the decision he said "Exactly! Ordinary mums and dad’s needed a break from this lockdown, and this govmernment has taken that away too."

The last question asked, was how he'd handle the Covid-19 situation differently. "Well it's obvious, Oi'd give a tax cut to all the hard working New Zealanders of $10 a week. More money in their pockets means more choices."