Facebook Malware warning issued to internet users

Thursday August 24, 2017
A new Facebook malware has internet experts warning people of the dangers indiscriminately clicking on links
A Facebook user with classic over-use symptoms, clouded eyes, poor diet and inability to find mouth when eating.

A warning has been issued today warning internet users about a new Facebook malware attack. It takes the form of a URL link but can also be found in bookmarks in the user's browser. Users are warned not to click on the link.

Click on the link can result in a catastrophic loss of time. Some users will lose just half an hour but other can lose days or months accumulated over years. Other issues reported by different users include perceived social isolation, not seeing friends in real life as much, irritation with strangers. In extreme cases it can even result in loss of self esteem.

The malware has been linked to the rise of idiots with over-inflated self worth, the spread of fake news that purports to be real and is possibly even linked the the election of a despot in the free world.

It appears to spread fairly easily through websites through the use of what has been called a Like button and which unleashes it's payload to the unsuspecting user. From there it can spread to the user's friends and contacts.

If you see this in your bookmarks, do not click on it. Delete it immediately and go live a real life. If you see it on this site, it's been vetted, that is fine you can click that one.