11 year old boy wins design competition to build USS Starship Enterprise.

Tuesday April 1, 2008
A boy wins a competition to build a new spaceship that might enable humans to go where they have never gone before
Hamish Trongel with his award winning rendition of his futuristic space craft scheduled to be built in India.

A 11 year old boy has won the International Young Science Design Award. And now his dream is about to become a reality.

Hamish Trongel of Des Moines has become the youngest space craft designer ever to win the prestigious Young Science Design Award 2008 held this week in Houston Texas. Hamish only 11 years old says the win took him completely by surprise, and says he was overwhelmed by the response from judges and international investors alike. Now it seems young Hamish’s dream is about to become a reality as plans begin to construct the intergalactic spacecraft Hamish calls ‘The USS Starship Enterprise.’

The Naval Construction Contract Consortium has since drawn up a contract with the US, Russian and Chinese Governments to begin the first stage of the USS Starship Enterprise construction.

Elwyn Berdsley of the NCC says Mexico came out best cost wise on the contract, however they couldn’t promise delivery of the craft until sometime in 2245. Due to the size and space required to build the craft, The Mojo Patel Construction Company in India came up trumps.

Trongel’s starship design includes futuristic features such as - Warp speed twin turbos, trackter beams and teleportation crew modules to name a few.

Berdsley says, “This kid is a friggen genius. We still don’t know what half of these things are on his design or what they do, but they sound pretty good. So what the hey, we’ll build ‘em anyway. This is America!”

The build costs is expected to be in the quad gazillions, however expert economists say that by 2300, fingers crossed, the economy should have picked up a bit by then.

Worker begins first stage of USS spacecraft construction.

Although the construction of the Starship will go well into the next millennium, Hamish says he isn’t too worried he will never get to see his design reach completion. The UN admits the cost of constructing the Starship Enterprise could feed the starving nations of the world 472 times over, and possibly drain every known mineral resource on the planet, they still believe it’s probably the best idea since sliced bread or Kissinger’s fancy NSSM 200 memorandum. Hamish says, “Oh boy, we must look towards the future and search for other planets to colonise as the world population turns to poo in the next 14 centuries. A ship like the Enterprise will be capable of travelling up to 5 years at a time, discovering new worlds and galaxies along the way. Golly, when you think about it, space really is the final frontier.”

However NASA expert Herman Grossley remains skeptical of the mission saying, “I don’t know what they expect to find in 5 years considering the closest star is almost 4 and a half light years from earth. Daft muppets.”